Kitewood Camping

We are a small family business run by Toby, Mylo, Jacki and Graeme and trusty dog Barnacle.

Kitewood Camping was first created in the summer of 2013. We wanted to create a site that allowed guests – if only momentarily – to return to a slower pace of life. A chance to come away from the screens and watch the dancing flames of a campfire. We love it when our campers tell us that they haven’t seen their kids all day apart from when they come rushing back to their tent needing sustenance before disappearing back into the trees with new found friends.

The trees that they are running between form part of 60 acres of woodland that was planted in 1999. Until 5 years ago, the trees of Kitewood had largely grown untouched and the ground they grow on un-walked for 14 years. This has meant that wildlife has had a chance to make this place its sanctuary and we see an incredible array of flora and fauna including the red kite for which the wood is named.

We are now starting to manage areas of the woodland. Trees are being cut down around the camp area to create pitches, paths are being reopened and mown and ponds are being created. The new light – made by the felling of some trees – and the maintenance of paths has led to new light rich habitats that encourage flowers and flying insects.

The woodland, when not being a temporary home for campers, is a working woodland. Mylo is an arborist and manages the woodland for both wildlife and as a commercial venture making a variety of products ranging from charcoal to hand carved wooden spoons. We firmly believe that woodlands can be managed without the need for grant funding – that a mosaic of woodland enterprises (camping forming a crucial part of this) can not only improve the health of the woodland but also sustain those involved in its management.

We strongly encourage campers to make the most of this beautiful working woodland. To wander amongst the trees and through the moors looking for the abundant wildlife or finding a moment of solitude in a hidden glade. Enjoy!