Kitewood Camping - Hideaway Woodland Camping in Pembrokeshire…

Bits that come with the tipi

We have prepared this list to help you with your packing and have included a list of the items
and facilities we provide.
Your tipi will be ready for you after 3.00 pm on the first day of your holiday and we ask that
you vacate it by 10.30 on your last day to give us the opportunity to clean and change over for
the next guests. If you arrive later than 9.00 pm then please let us know so we can minimise
disruption to your fellow campers and assist if required.

In the kitchen

• Rechargeable lantern
• Selection of cooking utensils including saucepans and frying pans
• Six plates, six bowls, six small plates, six knives, fork, spoons and tea spoons, six mugs,
four (Plastic) wine, 4 plastic cups.
• Salt, pepper grinders (full)
• Cooking knives
• Kettle that goes on the gas stove (not to be used on open fire)
• Two ring gas stove with grill and grill pan
• Colander
• Tongs, skewers and basting brush
• Potato/vegetable peeler
• Cafeteria
• Cool box with cool blocks (frozen cool blocks supplied daily)
• Matches and candle night lights
• Washing up bowl, eco washing up liquid

In the sheltered campfire area

• BBQ grill
• Fire pit
• Picnic table

Some items essential/suggested for you to bring on your holiday

• Bedding (sheets and duvets)
• Personal towels
• Tea towels
• Axe (you must take responsibility for safe use / storage of )
• Specialist cooking bits, wok, etc.
• Tin foil, cling film
• Torches
• Rubbish bags
• Insect repellent (sometimes we get little midgey type flies, usually after a bit of rain, the
smoke from the fire tends to get rid of them but if you are prone to bites, then some
repellent or citronella candles can do the trick)

Please note: We ask that there is no smoking in the tipi on grounds of safety and the furnishings. We would be grateful if you respected this.
If you think of anything else then let us know so we can let future guests benefit.