Kitewood Camping - Hideaway Woodland Camping in Pembrokeshire…

A Different sort of campsite in Pembrokeshire…

"Hideaway" family camping on the wild side, in Pembrokeshire

There are just 11 secluded pitches here at Kitewood camping, Wales. Each campsite has its own covered campfire area, a picnic table, grill and your very own composting toilet too. You can really enjoy your own space in the Welsh countryside, confident that when you return from the day out, you'll be on your own pitch without neighbours.

This what we are all about, a space of your own, just 2 miles from the sea to chill out and relax. The access to each pitch is good in dry weather by most cars but only for loading and unloading. For the rest of us transporting your gear is a "woodman's " barrow walk away if the ground is to wet when you arrive or depart.
This makes for a great car free , child friendly experience.

Amongst the woodland there are more than 3 kms of tracks for you and your family to explore and there is no public access on to the area either so it really is all yours for your stay! So if you stay on-site you can walk and find your own private glade, go down to the stream or explore a new area of your own. you may bump in to one of your fellow guests or David with Penny doing some coppice work or charcoal making.

Its actually not that wild, the facilities are great, but it is probably the most spacious campsite in Wales !

What do you get with Wild Hideaway Camping?

Well you park in a small car park that is about 75 metres from the communal area. You can drive close to your pitch in some cases right up to it. Alternatively we provide wheel barrows to get your kit to the pitch which will be between 100 and 300 metres from the car park should the ground be too wet. Each pitch has it's own "ipoo" composting toilet (not like your traditional Festival loo) see pic below. You get your own dedicated covered camp fire area, a picnic table and Ronnie Sunshine's campfire grill ! All the firewood you need thrown in too!
The surface varies between woodland floor, chippings and grass depending on which pitch you are on. All sites are fairly level and there is plenty of room even for the largest tents.

In our communal central area there is loads of running hot and cold water and 2 great showers made from giant recycled Bulk Orange juice containers! There is also a "Wash House" which has two sinks with running hot water for scrubbing your campfire pots and pans.

There is even bar-b-que charcoal made on-site which you can use to cook with if you want a really hot fire. (small charge for Charcoal)
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" i-poo"…. Fab loos

We started making these 2 years ago for our other campsite and commercially available for others. They work great if not abused. They work by separating the liquids and the solids and combining the solids with some "soak" in the form of wood shavings. The wood shavings are left over from our workshop where we make yurts and Geo-domes for other campsites.

There is full instructions for use and they should smell sweet if working. Here supervision is the key word for children. We recommend you take opportunity to really show your kids to use this so as to avoid "operational" issues later in the week. Although you are only sharing this with 1 other family it will make the experience far more pleasurable for you all.
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Our pitches are set amongst 60 acres of a former golf course, now a carefully managed woodland and open moorland areas!